Our Process

  • Here's a glimpse of how we work with you. It starts with a Free Consultation wherein we assess the scope of the project.
  • We listen to your requirements and objectives & get clarification where needed.
  • Our best mode of communication with you through chat, email or telephone..
  • To ensure that we understand your site’s objectives, we have an effective survey that will help you share your vision with us before we get started
  • Taking the information we received in the initial consult and the client survey, we develop a plan for how your website will be built.
  • Find out the target and the purpose of the site.
  • Study your references carefully.
  • Include our own inputs and suggestions.
Cost Estimation
  • You will receive an itemized listing of your projects costs. Also includes the expected time for completion.
  • Project Agreement - this document is used to let both parties know what is expected of them and when. Once the agreement is signed, work will commence.
Purchase Your Domain Name
  • We will procure your domain name for you and manage this process for you along the way. If you are not familiar with how domains work, don’t worry. We’ll manage all of that for you.
Site Design
  • We will create a new design for your website and submit it to you in image (jpeg) format. You never have to settle for a design.
  • We guarantee it 100%! If you are unhappy with the design, we make the requested changes as per your feedback. Once you are 100% happy, we move on to the next step
Convert Design to a Website
  • Here we convert the approved design into a working website. and You will be sent a temporary URL so you can monitor the creation of your site.
Gathering Page Content
  • Once you have your content (text and images) for your pages, please email it to us and we incorporate it into the site for you.
Site Launch
  • Once you give the site your final stamp of approval, we will launch the website.
  • One month free support is provided to the sites.

Please CONTACT US for further information