Logo Design

Our logo is your business. Your logo design is a huge reflection of you and your company, the cornerstone of your brand. It provides credibility and differentiates you from your competitors. And it's everywhere you get your name out on your signs, business cards, stationery, website ads, packaging, and more. If you want to have a successful business, you simply cannot afford to have a poorly designed logo.

A website logo design is one of the most important factors with corporate identity and your branding. Our graphic designers can produce logo solutions to meet your requirements and create a unique business logo for your website.

All business logo, company logos and custom artwork requests are carried out by our graphic designers providing the best possible artwork and graphic design to our clients.

Logo Creation Advice

It needs to look good, or you won't, just don't forget a few important things. Colors, fonts and graphics are important, but so are things like usability.

If you design your logo with shadows, gradient colors, and 3d effects it will look great on your website, but what about when you do newspaper ads? Perhaps you want to have your logo embroidered on company clothing. What about when the colors are stripped away in faxes? This doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the effects you want in your logo, it just means that you should always have a few revisions of your logo handy if the riginal won't transfer well to some mediums. Make sure to ask your designer to make a 2d and black and white version of your logo. Also remember that light colors will disappear on faxes so revise your logo accordingly.

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